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Relive the thrill and excitement of our past events at High Horse Cannabis.
From engaging educational sessions to lively celebrations, our previous events have set the stage for unforgettable experiences.
Explore the galleries and memories of these gatherings, and stay tuned for upcoming events that promise to elevate your journey even further.

Mr. Capone E

Get ready to ignite the atmosphere with Mr. Capone E at High Horse Cannabis! Experience an electrifying event filled with music, energy, and the best vibes. Join us as we partner with Mr. Capone E for an unforgettable celebration that promises to elevate the excitement and leave you buzzing with a high-energy experience.

NMSU Tailgate

Gear up and join the ultimate tailgate experience with High Horse Cannabis at NMSU! Get ready for a game day filled with spirited cheers, delicious bites, and a touch of cannabis enthusiasm. Embrace the camaraderie and team spirit as we tailgate together for an epic NMSU event where the fun goes beyond the game!

Buck Cancer Gala

Relive an unforgettable evening reminiscent of the Gatsby era, filled with live music, dazzling attire, and an ambiance that harks back to the golden age of the 1920s. Get ready to dance, celebrate, and relive the charm of the past in a modern, cannabis-infused twist on a classic era

Tacos Tequila & Cerveza Fest

Join us for an enticing celebration at the Tacos, Tequila, and Cerveza Fest with High Horse Cannabis! Experience a flavorful fiesta filled with tantalizing tacos, spirited tequila, and refreshing cerveza.

First Thursday Foam Party

Immerse yourself in frothy fun at our exclusive Foam Party for First Thursday. High Horse Cannabis brings a bubbly twist to your typical celebration, combining the joy of foam with vibrant music, great company, and a high-spirited atmosphere.

Mimosa Market

Sip on refreshing mimosas while exploring an array of handpicked products, local crafts, and a delightful atmosphere. Join us for a leisurely and elevated shopping adventure at our Mimosa Market, where the good vibes flow as freely as the drinks!

Pizza Fest

Get ready to indulge in a pizza paradise at the Pizza Fest! Join us for a mouthwatering celebration featuring a delightful array of pizza flavors, from classic to creative. Enjoy a slice of heaven as we bring together delicious pies, good vibes, and an unforgettable cannabis-inspired festivity for all pizza enthusiasts!

High Horse Cannabis Co: Where innovation meets community, and every journey is an adventure in enlightenment and celebration.

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